Where do I buy my spices??

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Because I am living in Auckland, I am lucky that there are a few places to buy spices.

Even if you not living in Auckland, most supermarkets sell spices but if you want to buy it in bulk, I suggest you buy it at the indian grocery stores, its so much cheaper. I buy my spices in Sandringham at Top and Town including garlic, ginger and frozen chilly.

There are 3 dry spices that I make sure I always have, cumin/coriander, red chilly and turmeric. Most curries use these.

Turmeric is used in so many foods today, smoothies, eggs, turmeric latte and whatever you want to put it in because of its anti- inflammatory benefits.

If you do come across fresh turmeric, try it. It gives your food a beautiful golden colour. And you don't have to use a lot. You can store it in the fridge or freezer and just grate it with a fine grater when you want to use, just a pinch goes a long way.

Cumin & coriander, I use these spices in curries, even when I make some soups. Add it to your onions when you frying them.

Chilli (fresh or dried), I buy red powder chilly and use the fresh one. In some of my curries I like using both depending on the curry.

You might find different kind of red chilly spice, choose the mildest one, ask the owner if you get stuck, mention you want it for curries.

Fresh chilli, you will find that in the frozen section, because I use so much chillies, I grind them in a food processor and keep it in a glass bottle in the fridge or freezer if you don't use it often. If you keep the chillies you processed in the fridge, add a good tablespoon of salt and a little oil so that it stays good.

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